Mr. Lugo's Reading Class Hedges School 2013-14

Mr. Lugo's Reading Class Hedges School 2013-14
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vocabulary Words for the week of 11/18/13

Words for the Week 11/18/13 Students, make sure to review these words for the Friday's quiz! 1. accelerate (verb) to make something go faster. The driver accelerated the car. 2. achieve (verb) to do or complete something with success. He wanted to become famous, and he achieved his goal. 3. alternative (noun) one of two or more choices Our two alternatives are walking or taking a taxi. 4. analyze (verb) to separate into parts for close study; examine and explain. If we analyze the problem, perhaps we can solve it. 5. approach (verb) to come or go near to. Be careful when you approach a strange dog. 6. approximate (adjective) close in amount or time, but not exact. What is the approximate time that you will arrive? 7. Arbitrary (adjective) resulting from personal opinions, wishes, or feelings instead of from a rule or reason. The jury's decision seemed unfair and arbitrary. 8. Assert (verb) to state with force or confidence. He asserted his innocence. 9. Assess (verb) to set or try to find the importance or value of; evaluate; estimate. They assessed the damage to his car. 10. Assign (verb) to choose someone to do a particular thing. His boss assigned him to work the night shift. Article for the week: “ Driving With Pets” Monday’s Quick-write question: (11/18/13) What does the author want you to learn about driving with pets?

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